Accountable Manager Seminar

Accountable Manager Seminar

  • £325.00

A One-Day Seminar designed to introduce Directors and Senior Executives to the world of Commercial Drone Operations within Their Organisation

DronePartners’ One-Day Seminar on the role and responsibilities of an organisation’s Accountable Manager provides you with the essential insight and knowledge to manage the emergence and operation of this capability from the start.

The Seminar will cover

The Structure of Aviation

  •                 Aviation and RPAS
  •                 Safety Management
  •                 Organisation’s Operations Manual
  •                 The Accountable Manager Role

Air Law and Drones

  •                 Introduction to Air Law
  •                 UK Air Law and other National Perspective
  •                 Congested Area Operations
  •                 Other Legal Perspectives
  •                 Insurance
  •                 Public Perception and Privacy

Incident Management Workshop

2 Scenarios – Action and Reaction with Analysis

Corporate Responsibility

  •                 Regulator Interface
  •                 Incidents, Accidents and Investigations
  •                 Investigative and Statutory Authorities
  •                 Crisis Management and Corporate Liabilities

Wrap Up

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