QU4D in Action: Hovershots

The Hovershots APV team combines over 25 years of Flight experience (Kevin Haley, Pilot/Owner), with over 10 years of Production & Design experience (Brandon Haley, Creative Director). Nicknamed by Hovershots as the Hov-X1 is a customised Steadidrone QU4D.

The main elements of this special QU4D are:

  • DJI Naza V2. 
  • DJI Zenmuse 3H-2D gimbal 
  • DJI Mini iosd 
  • 1.3 Ghz vtx and Rx from iBcrazy 
  • Three legged landing gear carbon fiber folding legs with battery shelf
  • Spektrum DX8 Radio.w/ AR8000rx 
  • TM1000 Telemetry to DX8 radio
  • Blue Beam circular 1.3Ghz antennas
  • 12. X 3.8 APC Slo fly props
  • 4000mah for QU4D and main systems
  • 1350mah for powering the video transmitter, mini iOSD and BED.

The following videos are from the Hovershots portfolio and illustrate how capable a platform the QU4D is: