DJI Spreading Wings S900 - Frame Only

DJI Spreading Wings S900 - Frame Only

  • £991.00

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 has been designed for professional aerial photographers and cinematographers. The lightweight, compact design of the DJI Spreading Wings S900 makes it very easy to transport anywhere.

The DJI S900 is equipped with the most advanced motors and electronic speed controllers, the frame is constructed from carbon fiber. The S900 has a brand new power distribution system which gives the power, strength and stability needed to create amazing footage. The use of carbon fiber in the frame, landing legs and arms sees the S900 weight at 3.3 Kg’s with a maximum take-off weight of 8.2 Kg’. The DJI S900 system has been tested at 6.8 Kg take-off weight and achieved a hover time of 18 minutes when used with a 12000 mAh battery hovering at 2 meters on a calm day.

The wide operating weight of the DJI Spreading Wings S900 means that the choice of cameras and brushless gimbals from the Zenmuse range include the DJI Z15-GH4 Zenmuse Gimbal (HD), DJI GH3 Zenmuse, DJI Zenmuse Z15 Sony NEX 5, DJI Zenmuse Z15 Sony NEX 7 and DJI Zenmuse Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC

The Retractable landing gear and the low gimbal mounting bracket gives an extremely wide range of possible shooting angles and camera movement. As seen on the DJI S1000 Octocopter Premium the S900 Zenmuse gimbal mount bracket is separated from the main frame by speicially designed damper system. This significantly reduces the high-frequency vibrations transmitted to the gimbal which makes your shots clearer and sharper.

The upper central board can be easily removed, allowing for easy access to install your flight controller, IMU and other systems like the iOSD Mark II and the DJI Lightbridge. The DJI Spreading Wings S900 system is fully compatible with the DJI Wookong M and DJI A2 Fight controllers.

The DJI Spreading Wings has an innovative arm design, each arm is designed with an 8 degree inversion with a 3 degree inclination; this makes the S900 more stable when rolling and pitching, yet more flexible when rotating. The 40 Amp electronic speed controllers (ESC), deliver the fastest response times available, each arm has the ESC built in to each arm. The combination of the ESC’s with its 4114 pro motors and 1552 folding propellers deliver 2.5 kg’s of thrust with the high performance 1552 folding propellers. The V-type mixer design used with the S900 has a maximum thrust of 15.0 Kg’s.

The latest design of arm, motor and ESC adopts the single wire stator design, offering improved heat dissipation, better performance which gives a very reliable system. The use of the AS150 spark-proof plug prevents short circuits and an easily way plug in your power supply.

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