Remote Pilot Qualification - small (RPQ-s)

Remote Pilot Qualification - small (RPQ-s)

  • £1,400.00


A comprehensive ground school phase consolidates theoretical learning with a range of baseline and intermediate classroom-based modules that deliver key elements of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) functions. Each module aims to build the students’ level of knowledge towards a practical application of skills. The culmination of the theory lessons is a structured assessment to test the depth of students’ knowledge.

The final phase of the ground school module is concerned with acquiring the practical skills required for Small Unmanned Aircraft / Small Unmanned Surveillance (SUA/SUSA) operation. Lessons are practically based and focus on safety/risk management (pre-planning and a comprehensive on-site risk assessment). At a predetermined location, students learn to set up an operating area and apply safety measures in accordance with regulation, whilst optimising the conditions for the completion of the task.

Learning Objectives:

Air Law

  • Legislation, Regulation and Policy
  • Classes of Airspace
  • Aeronautical Chart Information

Air Safety

  • Flight Safety
  • Airworthiness
  • Airmanship

Aircraft Knowledge

  • RPAS components
  • RPA components
  • RPAS navigational modes

Human Factors

  • Communications
  • Situational Awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Personality and Behaviour
  • Stress and Fatigue

Deployment Procedures

  • Flight Reference Cards (FRCs)
  • Deployment Survey (Mission Planning)
  • On-site Survey (dynamic risk assessment)
  • Pre-flight, Flight, Post-flight procedures
  • Emergencies

What is included?

  • Web-based training (distance learning)
  • 3 day Ground School (based on a set of CAA standards). (Lunches are included during the course)
  • A free resit of the Ground School Examination (if required)
  • Flight Assessment (demonstrating pilot competency on your RPAS platform)
  • Assistance in the production of the customers CAA application (SRG 1320)
  • Template and review by the Resource Group of the customers Operations Manual
  • Resource Group will provide a Qualified Entity Recommendation with your application for your PFAW

An Independent review of a customer’s CAA application for a Permission and/or exemption requirements. This will be reviewed against the following:

  • Operations Manual
  • Insurance certificate
  • Pilot Competency (Flight Assessment report)

Please note, booking your flight test is arranged with the Resource Group and available dates are subject to the availability of their staff

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